EmpowerU Celebrates Valentine’s Day

What makes your heart smile?

Last February 14, 2020 – here at EmpowerU, we took the time to honor Valentine’s day. As opposed to the mainstream view of this day mostly celebrated for lovers, we did it here at EmpowerU quite differently in three ways:

First, we celebrated freedom. Our employees prepared a freedom wall for each one to express their innermost thoughts and messages to their colleagues and loved ones. Talk about finally owning your truth, how liberating is that?

Second, we encouraged collaboration. Each brought their white dedication shirts where they can write short notes and loving reminders within and across teams. We all need to be reminded once in a while of what and how much we’re capable of, right?

Third and most importantly, we empowered people. The ones who embodied warmth among the teams as “Darling of the Crowd” are Matthew Ricohermoso and Mhicka Mateo. On the other hand, those who showed grace and character as “King and Queen of Hearts” are RJ Galvez & Liza Luna, and Mark Guernaldo & Armela Castor, for APAC and EMEA teams respectively.

Ultimately, taking things from a wider perspective, Valentine’s day is not just for the happy hearts, it’s also for the strong ones. When we take a moment to look back on the challenging lessons that transformed us, we are reminded of the unrelenting force of light which makes us hope for better days and see love everywhere.

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EmpowerU Launch

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