EmpowerU, Inc. is a duly registered contact center in the Philippines specializing on a wide array of client-centric services. We offer a wide range of capabilities, including, but not limited to telemarketing and sales, customer service and technical support through the whole spectrum of remote services – phones, email, and chat.

Rosario Sanico

Larlen Que
General Manager

Ray Gerald Tan
Key Relationships Manager

Rochelle McCafferty
Head of Finance

Stephen Bryan Mabasa
Human Resources Manager

With so many contact center service providers, it will be challenging for you to choose the right outsourcing partner. What proudly sets as apart from others are:

EmpowerU, Inc. started as the tele service support group of a global company, providing a remarkable milestone until present. You will be hard-pressed to find a similar birthing story of success. EmpowerU, Inc. has always strived to build and continue the culture of rewarding performance with opportunities from within. The reason for our success had been tethered to the dedication instilled to our team members. This ensures we maximize each member’s potential which translates to the success of our organization. EmpowerU, Inc. has a robust training program patterned from successful customer service and sales principles from known gurus such as Tony Robbins and Jordan Belfort. We select qualified AND trainable individuals and take pride in growing them. This allowed our campaigns to exceed their targets.

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